Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a part of the LOCATER program?

LOCATER is free of charge to any law-enforcement agency whose responsibilities include investigating cases of missing or abducted children. To apply, quickly download the LOCATER Application Form and submit the signed form by regular mail, E-mail, or fax. Staff members will quickly verify that the application is from a legitimate law-enforcement agency and has provided all required information. Once processed, we will enter your information into our list of available LOCATER participants and send you a start-up kit, including a disk with your confidential security certificate and set-up instructions by U.S. mail.

What are the advantages to the web-based LOCATER program?

* Personalized poster that can include your department's logo, patch, or image
* Spell-check feature to assist in preparing posters
* Ability to create posters in both English and Spanish
* Assigned security certificates for safety and privacy
* No software installation required, which means easier use, efficiency, and convenience
* Ability to use LOCATER from any existing online computer within your agency with the click of a mouse
* A searchable, secure database to save and retrieve posters

What are the technical requirements for LOCATER?

Please note that agencies must have their own computer system.
* Windows® XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) Operating System
* Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 or higher
* CD-ROM drive
* Internet connection
* Twain 32-compliant scanner or digital device to scan photographs
* Monitor supporting 800 x 600, 16 bit color display or better
* Color printer recommended

Can I only send posters to other LOCATER systems?

No. Anyone with an e-mail address can receive posters. Local law-enforcement can create lists that include schools, transportation centers, recreational facilities, or anyone willing to aid in the search for and recovery of missing children.

I currently have a LOCATER system. How will the web-based LOCATER affect me, and do I have to give my free system back?

Your LOCATER system is yours to keep, and we encourage you to continue to use it as often as needed. You will see no immediate change.

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