Multiple Poster Types

Create posters for Missing Children, Amber Alerts, Missing Adults, Crime Alerts, Vehicles, Line ups, Wanted, Stolen Property, and more...

Fax Capabilities

Fax posters to any law enforcement agency. Powered by Protus, this tool allows for full fax capabilities, from within the LOCATER program.

Spell Check

Full spell check capabilities, available in the LOCATER program. Ensure the accuracy of every poster in order to maximize efficacy.

Free Webmail Account

For agencies that lack email or would like posters sent to a dedicated mail server, LOCATER offers free webmail accounts for convenience.

Add Department Logo

Customize department posters by adding your agency's logo or patch. Allows poster recipients to quickly identify sending agency name and location.

Searchable Database

Save posters for future reference, as well as for retrieval by other agencies. Full search capabilities allow for quick access to all posters.

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